Music Recorded at the Studio

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Here are videos of some great tunes that were recorded at the studio:

Kim Deal – Likkle More

Dead Meadow – Here with the Hawk


Lauren Ruth Ward – Burden

DTCV – I Was Where Were You

Matt Hollywood and the Bad Feelings – Ghost Ghost

Strangers Family Band (debut album)- Cosmic Wine

The Carrions – I Won’t Suffer

The Child Ballads – Cheekbone Hollows

The Child Ballads “Cheekbone Hollows (1/2 Pop Life) EP” (ex-Jonathan Fire*Eater)
Kim Deal (The Breeders/ Pixies) “Basement Tapes”
Strangers Family Band self-titled debut
Lower Heaven “…Today is All We Have”
Dead Meadow “Shivering King and Others”, “Feathers”, “Old Growth”, “Three Kings”, “Warble Womb”, “The Nothing They Need”
Jason Simon (solo acoustic self-titled – TeePee Records)
Old Testament “Familiar Haunts” (additional production)
D’etective (DTCV) “Hilarious Heaven” (James Greer from Guided By Voices)
The Carrions “A New Level of Neon”
Tsk Tsk “16 Seasons”
The Vigils
The Shrug
The High Wires
Crooked Cowboy
Late Night Friends “What I think I’m Not”
Snowy Dunes “self-titled”
Jordannah Elizabeth
Philthy Heathens
Great Electric Quest “Chapter I”
Lauren Ruth Ward “Back Pocket EP”
The Turns
Lords of Beacon House “Recreational Sorcery”
Matt Hollywood and the Bad Feelings (ex-Brian Jonestown Massacre) “self-titled”
La Cerca “Night Bloom”                                                                                                                  Spiral Electric                                                                                                                                      Old Sport